Journal of Baltic Science Education

/ISSN 1648-3898/

2003, No. 1 (3)

Title and author (s)



Dear Readers and Writers!

Research and Development Work From the Perspective of Compiling Balanced Curricula For Science Education 5 - 11

Aarne Tőldsepp, Vilja Toots

The Preconditions of Ecological Education of School Tasks on Physics 12 - 20

Palmira Pečiuliauskienë, Alfonsas Rimeika

What Students` Understand From Entropy?: A Review of Selected Literature 21 - 27

Mustafa Sozbilir

Environmental Education: Providing a Context For a Meaningful Science Education 28 - 35

Paul Pace

Environment and Occupational Health Course for Secondary School as an Example for Enlarged Science Teaching 36 - 43

Juris Porozovs, Janis Gedrovics, Dzintra Porozova

Natural Science Education in Lithuanian Secondary School: Some Relevant Issues 44 - 55

Vincentas Lamanauskas

Information for Contributors 56 - 57


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